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Pool Cleaning and Regular Maintenance

The regular maintenance of your pool can be a time consuming task and requires technical and chemical knowledge.

Let us do it for you!
Pool service

With more than 8 years in the swimming pool market and having a State Pool Contractor License, we not only have the necessary experience to carry out the regular service of your swimming pool, but we also have the technical knowledge to inspect structural, electrical and plumbing components, providing you with the integral care you need.

All-in-One Professional Pool Maintenance:

Weekly visits.

Pool and filter brushing, vacuuming and cleaning.

Salt and Chlorine Pools.

Pools / Spa / Fountains.

Comprehensive care.

Custom water treatment according to the specific conditions of your pool and backyard.

Regular equipment and parts examination.

Residential / Commercial.

Trained Staff.

Purchase of pool products, parts and accessories available with us

Perk for former building/remodeling clients that hire our maintenance service: we can control through the service the factors that could affect warranty, maximizing the performance of finishes and equipment. If there’s anything that need to be corrected, the evaluation will come directly from us.


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