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Remodelings & Repairs

We offer what you need regarding pool, spas and fountains repairs and upgrade options to make your pool look like new and give your garden a more modern look. The limits are left to your imagination.

Our experience in aesthetic and functional remodeling allows us to provide you with a result with which you will be satisfied. In addition to the wide range of aesthetic finishes that we can provide, ranging from the replacement and rehabilitation of components to a complete redesign of your pool, we also offer leak detection and repair, new pool resurface, coping and tile, and deck remodeling, among other services.



We specialize in new installation of basic equipment such as the pump and the different types of filters, as well as other systems to improve the quality of the water and the general use experience of your pool and spa, such as heaters, salt systems, automation systems, additional vacuum lines, lights and skimmers.


Automation systems allow you, among other things, to monitor the operation, program the temperature in the heat pump remotely, set the speeds of the pool pump, manage lights, salt system, recirculation schedules; all from the comfort of your phone, tablet or computer. 

We can advise you on the most current systems with the latest technology, and after providing the installation service, guide you in their use so that you can get the most out of it.

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